ROBERT ROMO master trainer

From Rescues to service dogs to best in dog, Robert Romo has changed the world of Dogs and their masters for decades. He has rehabilitated dogs that many have given up on and found them homes. Taken on Hollywood Celebrity dogs and trained the to adjust to a fast paced lifestyle. Trained dogs to compete for best in show as well as Weiner races. Most importantly, the dogs love him!


From potty training to time outs to confidence building and more…


Off leash obedience, anti aggression, dog socialization and more…


Training for service dogs, security dogs, to prepping dogs for newborn and more…


Long and Short term boarding


Our Clients


  • Elizabeth Taylor’s Maltese “Sugar”

  • Christina Aguilera’s Lab

  • Penelope Cruise “Vino”

  • Salma Hayek rescue shepherd mix

  • William Shatner’s Doberman “Starbuck”

  • Sugar Ray Leonard’s American Bull Dog

  • Khalid’s Pitbull “Roxy”

  • Leslie Sacks Poodle “Greyson”

  • Rick Negron’s Pooch

  • 2 Dogs from “the Little Rascals” show

  • Bobby Brown’s Maltese

  • Catherina Bach German Shepherd 

  • and more

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